Thursday, April 4, 2013

Forex Renko Chart

Forex Trading Using Forex Renko Chart 

Choosing the right tool to use in forex trading is very important thus it is worth to discuss the most popular chart use by most traders today and that is the Forex Renko Chart. The name Renko gets its name from a Japanese word renko meaning "bricks". If you encounter a Renko chart you will see a colored brick instead of a line. The Forex Renko Chart help in trend trading if you are a trend follower. The goal of this strategy is help traders in spotting potential trends and instructing them the key levels to join the trend. Of course, analysis still plays a big role. One benefit Renko chart can offer is that it can screen out minor price movements within any major trend which is very helpful when planning out analysis.

This kind of chart is concerned with the price movement not with volume or time. Renko chart is made by placing a brick in the next column when the price exceeds the top or the bottom of the last brick set by a predefined amount. There are several colors use in the bricks, a black brick means a trend is down while a white brick means the trend us up. 

This kind of chart is very effective in determining support or resistance levels. If the direction of the trend changes then, there will be transaction signals through changes in the bricks color. If there is a reversal in the basic trend then you will see a green or red brick in the chart. A green brick signals the start of a new uptrend while red bricks signals the start of a new downtrend.

Since Renko chart present trends direction pretty well, there may be times when the chart gives signals near trend exhaustion. But it is expected that most of the time, traders could follow major parts of the significant trends. One advantage of working with Renko chart is that it is not complicated and is easy to understand. For beginners in forex trading,
Fx Renko Chart is a big help.

One trait a forex trader will need to develop using Forex Renko Chart - patience. You definitely need patience and self-discipline when you start Forex trading. The more that you have to stretch your patience and disciplined when you work with Forex Renko chart. 

Why is that? This is one drawback that most traders have to say with Renko chart, you do not know when the next Renko box or candle will form. Unlike the Japanese candlesticks chart you get a new candle in every five minutes. But with the Renko chart you get only one candle in the whole 2 days in period where market is expecting a huge news release.

So it takes a long time before you can actually determine a trend thus it takes time too to place a trade. However the chart is found to be quite accurate although as most traders would say, in trading you are not assured of hundred percent win. But it is worth to use the best tool for you to make right trading decisions.


For limited time only, Metatrader 4 or Mt4 forex traders can get access to a free renko chart. The chart comes in the form of an mql4 indicator which is a popular format for forex traders trading with Metatrader 4 platform. The forex renko chart comes with a manual pdf and online support helpdesk to assist traders on installation and indicator usage. Visit this link to find out more .

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MT4 Renko Indicator and The Ins And Outs

There's no question that Renko charts offer forex traders a competitive advantage than others who don't. Renko charts advises the traders to penetrate industry each time a trend starts and exit if the same trend actually starts to collapse. This is simply not the truth for forex traders who use charts and candlesticks. Even though Renko charts offer these benefits, i am not saying forex traders with these don't lose a trade. However it is advantageous when you've got the most effective technical analysis.

Mt4 Renko indicator offers a number of advantages such are cleaner looking and attractive charts, increased frequency of entries and tighter stops and more. Renko is better yet than time based bars found in currency trading but doesn't need the best and lowest price which can be important in currency trading.

Forex traders that have used mt4 Renko indicator for trades have appreciated it as it has actually made things simpler for the kids. The Renko indicator helps point trades that lead to higher odds of winning. It's better yet than some of the traditional charting methods that exist on the market. But it must be known you'll find nothing in the naming of Holy Grail trading methods of forex with there being instances where losses are inevitable.

The simplest way to trade forex is locating a method that will provide you with good info in regards to the direction industry has taken. You'll find that currency trading is one kind of the countless zero sum games available on the market and then for every ten dollars you cash in on, someone is losing the identical amount. That trader who may have lost a trade is actually a huge multinational or perhaps a tiny trader. This does not matter typically, what's important is always that someone won while another lost. The actual good thing about mt4 Renko indicator would it be allows them an explorer being usually the one winning a lot of the trades.

You'll find nothing wrong with losing forex trades. It really is through losing a trader provides the burning want to learn how to drive them to winning ways. The key step to winning is ensuring your losses are restricted to some pips through the losing days and allowing the winning trades go as far as they can be possible during winning days. At the conclusion of all of it, the pip gains could have been maximized.

Keeping your Losses anyway with MT4 Renko Indicator

One fashion to maintain your losses on the smallest amount when trading using mt4 Renko indicator is simply by staying with usually the one -bad -candle -and - rule. This rule ensures that an explorer enters a foreign exchange trade and exits once the opposite color forms and closes. People trading smaller pips will see themselves doing more trades than others trading bigger pips.

In-case the trader is utilizing a more substantial candle box, the last result will probably be a lot of trades that can take time to produce, but no opposite color will probably be visible and cost will probably be moving on the trader's direction. Losses will probably be stopped thus ultimately causing more profits.

Forex traders who wish to use mt4 renko indicator can visit the url below to download a free renko chart. The free chart indicator comes with installation manual and an online ticketing helpdesk. For more info, visit the press release source (webwire)